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† welcome!

Hello, and welcome to Time Stop! This is a community dedicated to the pairing of "Aion Clock" Sano Yasuyoshi and Mikura Kazuma of the manga/anime series Air Gear. If you love this pairing, this is the community for you! Sit down, relax, and bask in the glory of the SanoKazu love. ;D

† rules!

No comm can stay in order without a few rules! When you choose to join this community, you will agree to abide the following:

  • Stay on topic. As this is a SanoKazu comm, posts within the community should be about Sano and Kazu, not Ikki or Ringo, and how they're so awesome or whatever. There also should not be any advertisements for other communities, etc.

  • Keep an open mind. Do not join as an Air Gear fan who is offended by shounen-ai/yaoi/slash/boys love. Do not join if you feel irked when a college student hits on a middle school student.

  • No bashing of any kind. Don't join to bash Sano, Kazu, or any of the other characters. We don't need wank or drama here. Should you cause wank or drama, you will be banned.

  • Please type in English. Everyone should be able to understand your post, not just a select few. You don't have to be fluent in English to post, but your post should at least look semi-literate/somewhat understandable.

  • On that note... Do not type in 1337, netspeak or n00b. It's irritating if we have to decipher your post to understand it.

  • Do not post anything you did not create yourself, unless you have permission from the author/artist. Do not repost fanart from Japanese websites or from Google Images, even if you link to the site or say it is not yours. Do not repost fanart from anywhere and claim it as your own. You will be banned for this as well. Same goes for fanfiction.

  • Last, but definitely not least... HAVE FUN! 8Db

† formatting for fanworks!

It does not need to follow this format exactly, but your post should at least contain the title, rating and any warnings.
But for your convenience:

Also, to keep things organized, please tag and title your posts appropriately. Tags can be found here.

† mod!

Your mod is Yomi (x_beautyaintall), and your co-mod is ashesto. Should you have any questions, comments, suggestions, etc., feel free to contact us. We don't bite, we promise. ;)

† misc!

spitfirexkazu; because Flame Road is love. ;9

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