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✝Time Stop ✝ Sano x Kazu
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Carapheonix [userpic]


The Air Gear Kink Meme
(that I only just now found) is dead!!! 

If you post a request I'll do one, in return for you doing a request as well!!! 
Lets bring this thing back to life!!!


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Carapheonix [userpic]


Let me know if you're interested.

KIRIHITO [userpic]

Title: Aeon Clock X Kazuma 01
Warnings: BL
Rating: PG15
Summary: A picture of Aeon Clock and Kazu, a pairing picture. Pretty sleazy...

deviantART: http://kirihito.deviantart.com/art/Air-Gear-Aeon-Clock-X-Kazu-01-90702243

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Let me set up my world~ [userpic]

Just a few short drabbles. Unfinished in terms of the meme, but I'm trying to get back into writing for fandom.

And SanoKazu is love, guys~ ♥

here you go~

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ms_rebellious [userpic]

I bring you one Kazu wallpaper~~


Carapheonix [userpic]

Carapheonix [userpic]

Please delete this if it's not allowed.
I have recently made a SpitfirexKazu community.  I was wondering if we could be affiliates and if anyone here would like to join.  It's just been made today so  there's not much there but in the future we plan to have discussions, fanart, fanfictions, ...etc.   

Here's the link for all who are interested:

x-posted to a few places... sorry.

奈良 ♥ [userpic]

Title: Moment of Inertia
Air Gear
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Suggested Sano/Kazu, mentions of Kogarasumaru and Gabishi
Dedication: peroxidepest17, since you were the one who got me into this pairing! And golfballs, for prodding me to finally get caught up.
Prompt: Me thinking, “Sano! Go comfort your uke, you dumbass!” after the events of Ch. 117.
Description: A blow to one’s ego can often be more painful than any physical wound. Sano decides to pay Kazu a late-night visit, but not for the usual reasons.
Rating: PG-13 for very mild profanity, hinted shounen-ai and a bit of angst
Word Count: 2,046.
Status: Complete, minor edits while in progress.
Other Notes: This is my first fic in literally almost six months. I didn’t intend to go so long without writing—I really wanted to—but I really just absolutely have not had any inspiration. So the minute this plotbunny bit me, I rushed to write it down, without really thinking it out too much before I began. So this is a lot more impulsive than my usual writing is, and I apologize if it’s not quite up to my usual standards. I was just overjoyed that I finally managed to win my own battle against inertia. :P Anyhoo, this fic wasn’t really intended to be a true part of my “Fire-verse”, though it can fit into that head canon if you want it to. I purposely made all references to the state of Sano and Kazu’s relationship fairly ambiguous, to leave that part up to the reader to decide. Spoilers up to the end of Ch. 117, and very vague hints toward the events of Ch. 126. This fic was specifically intended to fit into the canon during/around Ch. 119.

⌈ the uke dispenser ⌋ [userpic]

Photos credited to macross_n.

Take off to the sky...!!Collapse )

⌈ the uke dispenser ⌋ [userpic]

I'm just wondering where else I can request this from, but does anyone have a good reference picture to the tattoo on Sano's chest? >_< I want to cosplay Sano, but it just doesn't sit right with me when I can't get the tattoo down. Anal retentive, yes I know. ^^"

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